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App # 1: Spyic

We will try to keep this table up-to-date. We took one sample of each family for the data within this table. It takes away all control from the phone by removing my ability to hard reset and factory reset, and gives me a good 15 seconds before my phone resets itself I was using my SD card for everything and it might transfer the virus to a computer any ideas? If I give you a bunch of malware names, do you think you can add them to your list? I have samples as well.

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From where I can get malicious android apps. I am a research scholar and working on security of android apps. I am an android security enthusiast. Could you please provide me a dataset of malicious android APKs? If yes, please mail them to me. If not, could you please tell me about the sources where I could get the malicious APKs from. My phone has, at least 2 of these disgusting applications. I believe STARZ is responsible for horrific re-directs and fake virus notifications when I go to movie sites not theirs I see their name, asking for paid subscriptions and memberships.

What can I do to erase, fix this? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ackposts This Trojan steals contact information from the compromised device and uploads them to a remote server. Acnetdoor This Trojan opens a backdoor on the infected device and sends the IP address to a remote server.

The distribution channel of this malware is through a SMS message containing the download link. Arspam This malware represent the first stage of politically-motivated hacking hacktivism on mobile platforms. AVPass This malware family tries to detect and circumvent Android security tools like AntiVirus apps installed on the infected device. Afterwards, the app tries to steal sensitive data and receives additional comands via SMS.

Beita A simple info stealer. Binv This malware is a classical Banking-Trojan that is targeting Brazilian users of Android devices. The information is then uploaded to a specific URL. Biige This spyware records SMS messages, calls, location, etc. Booster This application steals personal information and uploads these data to a remote server.

Boxer This trojan sends SMS messages to premium rated numbers. Cajino This malware is a classical RAT that tries to exfiltrate sensitive information. What makes this sample special is that it is using Baidu Cloud Push service for communication.

Android commercial spyware

Carberp Tries to steal confidential banking authentication codes mTAN messages sent to the infected device. Cawitt This application steals personal information and uploads these data to a remote server. Cellspy This application is a smartphone tracker. Chulli This malware family was used within in targeted attack. The e-mail account of a high-profile Tibetan activist was hacked and used to send targeted attacks to other activists and human rights advocates.

The malicious sample is spreading through WhatsApp messages. Coogos Backdoor Trojan which has the capability to receive a remote connection from a malicious hacker and perform actions against the compromised system. CopyCat Is a aggressive and malicious ad network. The main goal is to generate revenue. Cosha This applications monitor the infected device and send personal data to a remote server. Counterclank Is no real malware but a very aggressive ad-network with the capability to steal privacy related information.

Dougalek This application steals personal information and uploads these data to a remote server. DroidDeluxe Exploits the device to gain root privilege. Afterwards it modifies the access permission of some system database files and tries to collect account information. DroidDream Uses two different tools rageagainstthecage and exploid to root the smartphone. Some of those features include the following: Install any APK, view all messages on the device, listen to call conversations made on the device, etc.

The collected informaiton is dumped to a local file which is sent to a remote server afterwards. DroidSheep This application can capture and hijack unencrypted web sessions. Furthermore, the corresponding app can make phone calls, send SMS messages and collects privacy related information like call history, contacts, GPS location and device ID which all will be uploaded to a remote server.

FaceNiff This application can capture and hijack unencrypted web sessions. FakeAngry Backdoor Trojan which has the capability to receive a remote connection from a malicious hacker and perform actions against the compromised system. AL A classical Adware for Android. Do you believe someone may be spying on your Android smartphone activities?

This can be hard to find out, especially if the spyware is hidden. In this article, we discuss how to find hidden spyware for Android smartphones and the most commonly used hidden spy apps for Androids. If an employee suspects that their boss is spying on their Android phone, they may want to uncover hidden spyware. With this, teens often want to find out if their parent is tracking their phone activities or is giving them the privacy they want.

PhoneSpector is a new Android spy application to the market, but has more spying capabilities than any other product.

How to figure out if there is a virus on your phone

Auto Forward is the best Android spy app for those who are non-tech-savvy. Plus, their customer service is extremely resourceful. Highster Mobile is known for working well on both iPhone and Android devices. Learn more about the top cell phone spy apps of The thing about Highster Mobile that makes it ranks amongst the top Android monitoring software of is it can be installed in various ways. Highster Mobile works with nearly all the phones and tablets running Android operating systems 3. Meaning, you can use it as long as you want. If you think someone is abusing the privileges of texting, calling and browsing, PhoneSheriff can be your go-to tool to monitor Android phone and tablet activities.

In addition, it displays the recorded information in various chart types. However, unlike high-end prying apps, PhoneSheriff lacks advanced monitoring features that can raise your spy game.

PhoneSheriff works with Android 2. Unfortunately, it lacks the support for the latest Android 8. This makes it a bad deal for users who have an intent to use the program for two, three or even four months. You can leverage it to monitor call logs, messages, internet usage, contacts info, and social network activities. It lets you monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber, but it lacks the ability to track emails. The GPS location tracking function of TheTruthSpy allows you to find out the whereabouts of the monitored person without invading their privacy.

It records everything that is typed on the tracked device with the keylogging feature. Furthermore, you can use the app to receive instant notifications, see app usage, and send SMS commands to perform a specific action. TheTruthSpy last released an upgraded version of its app back in December that is compatible with Android 7. The Gold plan is your ticket to get all the features proffered by TheTruthSpy.

Spyware Disguises as Android Applications on Google Play

The spyware has solved the problem to effectively snoop on people who carry some sort of mobile device. It helps you see their day-to-day online and real-world activities; be it their phone calls, messages, IM chats, social media activities, multimedia files, and more.

The one-time license, free upgrades are the main reason for its popularity. It is a good app for carrying out basic level monitoring. One can track text messages, calls, emails, listen and record live calls and surroundings, track location, use the camera remotely, and access address book, calendar and even passwords. Appmia lets you monitor a variety of devices which include Android phones, tablets and iPhones, and iPads. It also monitors certain versions of Blackberry phones and Nokia Symbian devices.

Apple devices have to be jailbroken before installing the software. Appmia is compatible with Android devices up to 5.

Top 10 Android Spy Apps [Updated]

The variety of features for every device happens to be different. For example, you can benefit from the call recording feature on rooted Android phones. The app is quite complicated to use and the user must have technical knowledge for both rooting and jailbreaking monitored devices. You can carry out only the basic monitoring.

And in terms of support, the app is overpriced. Our analysis of the above apps will enable you to make an informed decision when choosing an app to spy on an Android device as we have used the following criteria to rate these top 10 Android spy apps of Android devices are a haven for cell phone spyware programs and for that reason, we get to see a fairly big list for Android spy apps. The app may not have the biggest list of features, but it does have all the necessary ones, including many exclusives like the Call Time Activity Punch Card, actuarial reports for top callers and top browsed sites, etc.

Xnspy is easy to use, delivers consistent performance, and offers an extensive array of features with relatively fewer limitations. Home Top 10 Android Spy Apps. Top 10 Android Spy Apps of Each year we get to see more advanced mobile devices than ever before. XNSPY Xnspy aims to give you remote control of the target device by fetching information from it such as call logs, texts, emails, chats taking place on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, and other popular platforms.

Compatibility Xnspy is compatible with Android OS versions 4. Price Xnspy has classified its subscription packages into two categories: Basic Edition and Premium Edition. Pros Advanced features like geofencing , call recording , ambient Recording and quick Watchlist Alerts are hard to get at this price. The remote commands cause no lags or virtual interruptions. Extensive support for Android devices allows you to monitor oldest to latest mobile devices.

User-friendly interface drastically enhances user experience. Allows you to retrieve deleted messages and other information. Register visited locations even when there is no cellular coverage. Lack support for personal computers, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian devices. Rating 9. Buy Now. Spyzie Spyzie lets you retrieve extensive details relating to the monitored device without blowing your cover.

That said, you are required to access the target device manually in order to set up the program. Compatibility Spyzie is now compatible with Android 8.

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Pros The program offers almost all the spying features that are available on other popular software. With App Activity graph, you can instantly determine which apps monitored person is using more often. Cons The price of the app is on the higher side. Often fails to download call and ambient recordings.

After-sales service is poor. Spyzie is deceiving potential buyers of others spy apps by running fake online ads such as this one.

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  • Rating: 8. Compatibility Flexispy works with mobile devices only. Price You have to choose between the Premium and Extreme packages in order to get a valid license to use this app. Pros Handle multiple devices at once using individual dashboard. Track suspicious words in text messages, get notified when a certain number calls and enters or leaves a certain area using Alert Wizard.

    Download recorded phone calls in bulk.

    The skilled technicians at Flexispy have made the installation process easy. The app hangs when you run remote camera capture functionality.

    android spyware list Android spyware list
    android spyware list Android spyware list
    android spyware list Android spyware list
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    android spyware list Android spyware list

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